HORIZON: BBC Russia featuring our release single

Big Up London! My Busking Session Hits the BBC! 🇬🇧


What’s up, reggae fam! I’m buzzing to share some incredible news with you all!

Remember that epic busking session I threw down on Tottenham Court Road Station a while back? Well, word must have travelled across the pond because guess who came to check it out? The BBC Russia crew!

That’s right, the BBC flew in all the way to capture the vibes and feature my music on their culture news segment. Can you believe it?! This is massive for a busker like me, and I’m utterly grateful for this opportunity.

While I can’t reveal the exact release date yet, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming single – a fire track born right on the streets of London! This one’s gonna be a special one, capturing the raw energy of that busking session and the positive vibes we shared.

Big thanks to the BBC Russia team for recognizing the music and to every single one of you who stopped by to listen, skank, and share the love. This is just the beginning, and bigger things are on the horizon! Stay tuned!

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